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Employing experienced professionals, we are trying to put all efforts to show them what a promising company they are going to have. Is it difficult to hire an experienced developer? Yes! It is time consuming to find the best you need and hard in realising. I am sure there are and will be good specialists in the market, the main thing is to interest them somehow. I’ve worked with many recruiters throughout my career: some can’t hire experienced developers, for others it’s like eating candy. I want to say that, by inviting a candidate, you are not buying, but selling the company to the developer. If you do not agree, I will tell you about my experience. My colleagues were recruiters who could not interest Senior professionals. These recruiters were so bad, that the specialists refused them and were not showing at HR interviews. I don’t think that specialists are not interested in their offer: we just have to be more convincing we have to sell the vacancy to a highly qualified specialist! Most recruiters that I know, agree with this statement, but few of them use it in practice.

Imagine the situation, where you need to find a candidate. You are placing an ad and receiving 20 resumes in three days. I wonder, how much time will you spend reading one sample? Two minutes or less? This is how an inexperienced recruiter behaves. Remember that a candidate’s resume is the same as your vacancy. If you spend 2 minutes on a resume, then the candidate will spend no more time on the vacancy. An experienced developer can drop one look at the vacancy to understand, whether to read it or not. When it comes to thinking under buying criterias, it’s okay. But if you look at it from the sales side, it’s folly! For example: if a half of a candidate’s resume is about what he wants. But it is not like that, he talks about the benefits that can provide to the companies. It is difficult for a candidate to find important information about most companies. Is it easy to find answers to all the questions about the company you want to work in?

  • How is the company organized?
  • What management style and development methodology team uses?
  • What product will the developer work on?
  • From what experts composed the team?
  • What does the company want?
  • What are the project developers global challenges?
  • How does the selection for the vacancy?

Of course, all people have different questions, but some answers are critical. And for some reason they can not be received from the vacancies description. Imagine this situation: you need to buy a new phone, you are usually looking for ads and you found exactly what you are interested in, but you did not learn about all the functionality from the ad. Then you want to find answers on the seller’s website, found but unfortunately not all. But they said that you need to send a letter, within you describe why this phone is worth you. After receiving the letter, you may be invited to a personal meeting, where they will answer questions, or may not be invited. Would you like to go through this whole process? Or look for another seller? From many companies, you will not learn anything before the interview it’s like reading a vacancy with your eyes closed, a dead end for most developers. The following words come to mind: Your interviews are not worth the developers attention, and the hiring process is too slow. Imagine that you have overcome this difficult period of the way and got in store. Of course you have questions, yet none is answered, the seller continues to ask: do you really like this phone, or do you want to buy it? And now you need to pass a required phone quiz where you will show that you are worthy of this phone. When you send a test (which took you a long time), you will not receive feedback for days or weeks. It’s terrible and preposterous! Why should a candidate suffer this torment? Why is everything so poorly thought out? Why should candidates only give information and receive nothing back? Keep in mind that the candidate needs a job, as well as you need him.
To prevent this from happening, recruiters need to: create vacancies correctly, be well prepared for interviews, be friendly, make quick decisions, answer all the questions. Thus, you will understand whether a person can do the job you are offering to him. Going back to the previous example, the seller also wants to know if the customer has the money. But if he is smart enough and prudent, he will just imagine that there is money. The seller will check it only at the last moment and at the same time will keep a decent look. Therefore, you do the same, and if you have a lot of people interested in the vacancy, it is probably well written, so bit by bit talk to everyone, not just by Zoom, but you can assign a phone call, which will take up to 10 minutes. Be one step ahead. The assessment of the candidate should be as fast and painless as possible. The goal is be a person, to develop as a person in a company that you really feel comfortable with. Then the company will expand and improve with you.

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