Responding to the Vacancy

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Responding to the Vacancy
When responding to a vacancy, the first thing a candidate does is submitting his resume and waiting for a quick and promising response. The second stage, sometimes is a test task, but after these stages candidates do not always reach the interviews. Why is this happening?

Why are developers not being answered after vacancy applying?

Companies receive responses on the vacancy, review candidate’s resume and accompanying text, and then respond to them. Sometimes they get a lot of responses on the vacancy, so the response process to the candidate slows down. There are cases when candidates are not answered, one of them is that your response may be lost among others, or companies are already appointing interviews to candidates who responded in parallel with you. If you are not answered, you should remind yourself in a few days. Thus it is evident that you want to work in their company. According to All day hiRe company, the optimal response time is one to two working days. After all, the candidate is waiting for an answer, you must not make him worry and on the other hand this is not a complete conversation with the candidate.

Resume view. Why refusing?

Refusing after seeing that candidate’s vision diverge from those that are in the company. When they see that they can’t give him what he wants. For example: a salary higher than market wage, work on only one project, a flexible schedule, or work remotely. In different companies in different ways, with candidates, too, all individually. The candidate will not work for a long time in a company that does not meet all his needs, for someone it is very important. In each company, candidates are given answers differently: in a month, two weeks, two days. Therefore, candidates do not always understand how long to wait and when to agree to other proposals. We provide an answer within two days, in a month it’s not about us. During this time, a lot of things will change in the candidate and the company.

Do candidates have to edit a resume for each company?

To begin with, the resume should be in a formal business style. By describing your experience, that will suit all vacancies, perhaps, each company will choose the experience that suits them. When you write for each company individually, the employer will immediately see your desire to work in his company. A universal resume is possible only for one position. Writing experience that pertains to this vacancy is better than a general list of your skills. You do not need to change the resume for a specific vacancy if you add a cover letter describing why you should be hired.

The candidate has a portfolio, why do a test task?

There is a lot of controversy around this topic. However, it is not always necessary to complete a test task, but sometimes it helps to weed out candidates who do not have enough experience for a certain vacancy. It is difficult to assess the candidate’s real knowledge with the tasks that last an hour. There is a probationary period, to see the candidate’s knowledge and skills. There are cases when many people have responded and you need to select the best, somehow , so the test is not a bad solution, for not frequent use. The important point is that these tasks should not take more than one hour of the candidate’s time, otherwise they should be paid.

The words of the developers: ‘I will not bend my back for free!’

Candidates do not want to spend time on test tasks. When a candidate responds to several vacancies, and in response is being asked to do test tasks it angers, takes a lot of time. Companies sometimes lose highly qualified specialists just because they do not want to communicate with them live beforetime. Candidates also doubt that the employer will not use the results of their test tasks for useful purposes. Companies believe that it is almost impossible to use, but the candidates have a different opinion. If a company wants to give a test task, it must have a reasonable amount of work.

Companies feedback on a test task.

There is not always an answer, and if there is, it is quite strange, not specific and funny: “Test was not completed at the level we expected.” And what did they expect? Would you like to receive such an answer?
We all spend our time, someone to solve a test, and someone to prepare it. It must be effective for all of us. It is necessary to give expanded feedback on tests. Note the strengths and what needs to be tightened. If the company has not done it, then remind them about yourself, ask for feedback. This is important information for the candidate, also do not forget, that in the future you can apply to the same candidate, so be grateful for his time. Two parties are involved in this situation, so it is important to understand each other. Mistakes are made by everyone, respect the work of another person, do not waste time and solve problems.

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